What are the functions of bulletproof vests?

As a kind of protective equipment, the core performance of bulletproof vest is bulletproof.At the same time, as a kind of functional clothing, it should also have certain clothing performance.The bulletproof performance of bulletproof vest is mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

(1) Bulletproof fragment: the high-speed fragment produced by the explosion of various explosives, such as bombs, mines, shells and grenades, is one of the main threats on the battlefield.According to the survey, the order of threat faced by soldiers in a battlefield is: shrapnel, bullet, blast wave and heat.Therefore, the function of bulletproof sheet should be emphasized.

(2) Prevention of non penetrating injury: the bullet will produce a great impact force after hitting the target, and the damage produced by the impact force on the human body is often fatal.This kind of injury does not show penetration, but can cause internal injury, serious life-threatening.Therefore, the prevention of non penetrating damage is also an important aspect to reflect and test the bulletproof performance of bulletproof vest.


What is the main material of a bulletproof vest?

The bulletproof vest made of Kevlar has the characteristics of high strength, good toughness, high density, lightweight, etc., and it is also resistant to high temperature and chemical corrosion, with excellent insulation and flexibility.

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