Qual è il prezzo di mercato e l'uso pratico dei caschi antiproiettile?

Different prices of products will affect the choice of consumers, when purchasing bulletproof helmets, we can first make a brief introduction and understanding of the market, and then we can make some comprehensive analysis. Enterprises can look at the place and scope of use when choosing. It is better to choose according to the advantage value of a bulletproof helmet. What can be involved is also better. It must be able to meet the needs of many people.

In any case, consumers can compare prices in the market. If they really feel reasonable after a price comparison, they can choose with ease and know some basic information brought about by bulletproof helmets. Relatively speaking, it can let us all know the actual advantage value, which is naturally very important. The possible prices used on different occasions will be different or need to be selected according to the quantity and quality of demand.

bulletproof helmet

Finally, I want to reiterate that bulletproof helmets are not bulletproof, but only bulletproof pieces. Rifles can easily penetrate various military bulletproof helmets within effective range, and they have two eyes. Therefore, it is very important to choose a helmet with strong protective ability. So, how to measure the protective ability of helmets? The quality of a helmet is usually measured by three indicators, that is, V50 speed value, protection area, and weight. Material is not taken into account, that is, a helmet made of galvanized iron sheet. As long as the above three indicators are qualified, it is also a good helmet. Among them, V50 speed is an important measure.

The so-called V50 value means that a hypotenuse cylindrical projectile with a mass of 1.1g is used to shoot the helmet at different speeds within a specified distance. If 50% of the projectile breaks through the helmet and 50% does not break through, the breakdown probability will reach 50%. The average shot speed is the V50 value of this helmet. The higher the V50 value, the better the bulletproof performance of the helmet.


Quali sono i gradi dei giubbotti antiproiettile

Esistono molti standard per il livello antiproiettile, ma viene comunemente utilizzato lo standard NIJ degli Stati Uniti. Ci sono sei livelli in questo standard, vale a dire: livello I, livello IIA, livello II, livello 3A, livello III e livello IV.

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