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While our products follows the dome geometry for high-cut helmets that has been tested to work the best, it uses improved padding, and offers a greater margin of safety against high-velocity fragments.
And it does all this at a very competitive price.

You can easily install the rifle helments to this helmet that will significantly increase its protection.

Virtually all of them.
The reinforced aluminum shroud allows for easy attachment of NVG and NOV devices using standard mounts like the Norotos Losto series, AB NVF, Wilcox L4, and others.
Also, it is possible to run and move freely with the NVG in the stand-by position due to such a solid attachment.

You can install different types of equipment by attaching them to the rails. This can include a wide range of communication devices, sentry visors, tactical cameras, side lighting, 

To make it a perfect fit.
By using the Velcro attachments you can modulate the pads in any way you see fit. This way, you can know that the helmet will adjust to the shape and size of your head. You can also remove any pads that you deem are not necessary for the helmet to fit perfectly on your head.
Increased padding allows for more amortization and better ventilation but doesn’t influence the protective capabilities of the helmet in the slightest.

The ergonomic geometry of the cut allows for combination with most types of ballistic goggles.

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