In che modo un casco antiproiettile previene i proiettili? Puoi prevenirlo?

The helmet can’t resist a direct shot even if it is probably

Actually, it’s a bit too vague to say “can a helmet resist bullets?” After all, hand bullets and rifle bullets are not of the same level in power at all. Being able to resist the next hand bullets doesn’t mean that you can block the rifle bullets. Moreover, it’s not clear whether the bullet to be resisted is a direct shot at a close distance to the helmet or a stray bullet at a long distance, because a helmet can’t resist a direct shot even if it is probably.

American PASGT helmet

American PASGT helmet (made of aramid, that is, Kevlar, but called differently) was equipped with troops in 1985. The protective ability of this helmet has reached NIJ ⅢA level, which means that it can basically protect most pistol bullets/shotguns from direct shooting at close range (except some steel core bullets), as well as some shell fragments and indirect rifle stray bullets, but the rifle bullets that face the frontal impact are In a word, PASGT helmet can basically represent the protection level of the mainstream military helmets in the world at present. Generally, it is NIJ ⅢA bulletproof. It is no problem to resist most hand bullets and some long-distance rifle stray bullets, so don’t think about direct rifle bullets.  

American PASGT helmet

NIⅢA Helmet bulletproof capability

At close range, there is no helmet that can withstand the direct fire of rifle bullets (non-full-power rifle bullets), or it is not really practical. After all, it has not been seen that any country has equipped its troops on a large scale, but there are still some related researches. For example, the advanced combat helmet (ACH) used by America in 2000 and the enhanced combat helmet (ECH) developed by bidding in 2007 are all helmets that can withstand medium-power/small-caliber rifle bullets.

NIⅢA bulletproof helmet

ACH combat helmet

So, is the bulletproof helmet bulletproof? Of course, it’s bulletproof. At least most military helmets have no problem in resisting hand bullets. As for rifle bullets, that’s another thing. In fact, the difficulty of bulletproof helmets lies in weight control. After all, this thing is used for fighting, and soldiers on the battlefield have already carried a lot of weight. If helmets are still heavy, they may lose their combat staff if they wear them all the time. For example, a PASGT helmet made of composite material (Kevlar) weighs 1.5kg, and an M1 helmet made of manganese steel weighs 1.3kg. Don’t think it’s not heavy, can you try it one day? If you don’t consider the weight, it’s quite simple to improve the protective ability of the helmet, just thicken it, but then the weight will go up, which has no practical significance.


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