Ballistic Bulletproof Plate NIJ level 3 NIJ 0101 07


Extreme protection for extreme tasks

SIC ceramic & PE composite armor bulletproof plate

Protects your stomach and everything around it from bullets and shrapnel while allowing more room for your modular gear

With 12% more coverage and seamless integration with any board rack, it protects your stomach area from shrapnel, splinters and pistol ammunition from the front, and even expands your modular gear space.

Weight and Dimensions

  • Size M: 9.5” x 12.5’​​ (approx. 241 x 318 mm), weight 1.3±0.05 kg (approx. 2.87 lbs)
    Size L: 10.25” x 13.25” (approx. 260 x 337 mm), weight 1.5±0.05 kg (approx. 3.3 lbs)
    Size XL: 11” x 14” (approx. 279 x 356 mm), weight 1.68±0.05 kg (approx. 3.7 lbs)


  • Вага: 1,4±0,05 кг/шт
    Dimensions: 150 x 200 x 22 mm (10′ x 12′)
    Protection class: NIJ IV 0101.06 independent
    Armor type: SIC ceramic and PE composite armor
    Performance: Multiple Shot Capability
    shooter cuts
    Shape: Single curved rectangular cut design
    Finish: Foam seal ensures a snug fit, is wrapped and sealed with a waterproof cover, and is protected by an EVA liner on the tile.


L, M, XL

Рівень захисту

Type Ⅲ

Композитна специфікація



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