NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic Tactical Helmet


Lightweight Special Forces Helmet

bulletproof helmet

Comfortable and adaptable, this helmet is at the forefront of ballistic helmet technology

With the needs of the modern soldier and law enforcement in mind. Rugged shell, ergonomic design, adjustable suspension and padding system, and accessory compatibility.


  • NIJ Class IIIA over-ear or high-cut design.
    9mm FMJ, 124gr
    .44 МАГ SJHP, 240гр
    The shell is made of aramid for maximum durability.
    Significant weight reduction.
    Injection molded side rails. Accessory rail connectors provide attachment points for quick attach or release, such as flashlights, cameras, sun visors, and more.
    Repositionable slow rebound memory foam pad
    Adjustable suspenders and chin/neck pad for optimum fit
    Wraps around the panel to provide extra room to give your helmet the uniqueness of a patch attachment.
    The sides are shorter for better listening and integration with the headphones.
    Ideal ballistic helmet for law enforcement, military and private security contractors.
ballistic performance
NIJ Standard 0106.01
Class IIIA: 9 mm, 44 Mag. & .357 signal
17 grains (1.1 g) FSP V50: 990 m/s (3,250 ft/s)
ДЦУ 8835:2019
Tier 1A: 9mm Makarov, Stechkin
Use trauma pads to reduce BFD <44mm


Черный, Настроить, Военный зеленый, Песочный


L, М, ХL

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